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For more than 90 years we have specialized in the protection of intellectual property rights and we possess the corresponding expertise and experience in this field. Our law firm WUESTHOFF & WUESTHOFF was founded in 1927 by Dr. Freda Wuesthoff and Dr. Franz Wuesthoff, who were considered outstanding personalities in their time and are among the pioneers of intellectual property protection. Freda Wuesthoff was the first patent attorney in Germany. Her credo was “Do just a little bit more than you have to do and you automatically get to the top.“

We represent the interests of our clients in Germany, Europe, and internationally. Our trademark team consists of attorneys at law and certified specialists in IP law, patent attorneys and paralegals specialized in trademark law, as well as trademark assistants.

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The commitment and passion of our firm’s founders for intellectual property remains our most important guiding principle to this day. Therefore, we are happy to go the extra mile for your intellectual property rights.

For additional information see our FAQ or our Trademark Glossary.

For additional information see our FAQ or our Trademark Glossary.

Trademark Glossary
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We will also advise and represent you in the event of trademark infringements, warnings, coexistence agreements, licensing
or any other issues relating to intellectual property rights.

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in intellectual property since 1927.
Combining expertise and experience.

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